Ask Cutis | Will fixing my eyelids help my drooping brows?

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Opting for surgery is a big decision. Patients often spend 6 months or more researching and mulling over their surgical options. At Cutis Cosmetic and Laser Centre, Dr. Lemckert is a luminary provider of facial cosmetic surgery; his speciality as an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist informs his in-depth knowledge and understanding of facial anatomy and physiology. A question that patients often bring to Dr. Lemckert is whether an eye lift, also known as a blepharoplasty, is a solution for a drooping brow. In this Ask Cutis post, we shed some light on this commonly asked question.

What does an eye lift encompass?

An eye lift targets and treats the upper and lower eye area. This encompasses sagging or ill-defined eyelids as well as the bags or hollows that form underneath the eyes. The blepharoplasty procedure involves several steps that include: a small incision made adjacent to the lash line or on the posterior surface of the lower eyelid and on the upper eyelid in the lid crease. Removal of excess skin, fat, and tightening of the underlying muscles and connective tissue are performed. The skin is then re-draped and sutured to achieve an ideal aesthetic result with minimal to no visible surgical scars.

Can an eye lift correct a drooping brow?

While the placement of the brows may appear changed after excess skin has been removed from the eyelid, a blepharoplasty does not involve lifting or refining the placement of the brow.

It is common for patients to correlate this correction with an eye lift; however, addressing both of these concerns requires a combination approach of both eye lift and brow lift procedures. While the blepharoplasty does wonders to rejuvenate the eye area, in cases where a drooping brow is also present, combining the two procedures will yield the most pleasing outcome.

If you are looking for aging solutions for your eyes and are currently in the research stage, a surgical consultation is the next step to take. It is the best way to ascertain whether or not a blepharoplasty, or a combined blepharoplasty and brow lift, will achieve your aesthetic goals. We invite you to arrange a personal consultation with Dr. Lemckert, facial cosmetic surgeon, to learn more about your options. A consultation fee applies to your visit that may be applied towards your surgery or another Cutis Cosmetic and Laser Centre treatment. Contact us to arrange your appointment today.

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