It may look like a pimple but it doesn’t act like one. If you’ve encountered small, white, pearl-like bumps on your skin, they may be common skin lesions known as milia.


Visible Effects

Milia do not form from a pore, which explains why they do not act like an ordinary blemish. They are formed by dead skin cells which have been trapped in a tight pocket-like formation just under the surface of the skin. It is common to find milia under the eyes, on the cheeks and forehead. Multiple milia can result in bumpy, uneven skin texture.

Underlying Causes

There is not an official cause for milia. Some individuals are predisposed to them, particularly when conditions like dermatitis or rosacea are also present. Milia are also loosely associated with sun damage and may occur in the aftermath of a skin abrasion. They may be associated with occlusive heavy creams , moisturizers and makeups. Milia may arise spontaneously.


For the many reasons milia may appear, regular exfoliation and non-occlusive skincare and make up products can help to prevent their formation. As a Dermatologist, Dr. Edstrom offers expert milia removal to Cutis patients. To maintain healthy skin and aid in the treatment of milia, other solutions may include microdermabrasion, chemical peels and the prescription of advanced skincare for home use. Book in for a professional consultation or milia treatment with Cutis today.

Surgical Solutions

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