How to maintain your best skin.

Maintain your best skin in Hamilton Ontario.

The Cutis formula for your best skin.

So you’ve taken the plunge and undergone a series of laser treatments, skin tightening and facial rejuvenation with fillers and botox to turn back the clock on your skin. And you might be feeling really pleased with your fresh new complexion. Before you get too comfortable though, it’s important to think about a maintenance plan so you can revel in the benefits of your treatments, and  enjoy your best skin for longer.

Our team of skincare experts and laser technicians always advise on the appropriate skincare products to help you keep up the changes you’ve achieved. In addition to your daily at-home regimen, monthly maintenance treatments will enhance and prolong the skin rejuvenation you’ve accomplished with more in-depth treatments such as the Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser or Thermage.
Our top 3 maintenance treatments include:

The Cutis Medical Facial

Known as the pampering treatment around here, our patients flock to have time out under the talented hands of our medical aestheticians. Enjoy a professional chemical peel and a treatment mask tailored to your skin type and needs. This is paired with a face, neck and shoulder massage that will have you floating all the way home.

SilkPeel Dermalinfusion Microderambrasion

If you’re looking for intense hydration, a non-invasive way to address skin discolouration, or a drug-free acne solution, SilkPeel Dermalinfusion is for you. This special technology combines the decongesting and exfoliating benefits of microdermabrasion with a serum infusion system to deeply penetrate active ingredients into the skin. Your treatment will be tailored to your skin type and needs.


Enjoy the benefits of laser without the downtime or photosensitization. The NanoLaserPeel system uses light energy to remove the top layer of dead and dulling skin cells. The treatment is comfortable and poses no downtime. It’s the perfect way to maintain an even skin tone and a refreshed and dewy glow year-round.


Integrating one or a combination of these treatments into your regular skincare routine is a smart move. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Contact us to learn more about these treatments today.




DISCLAIMER: Individual outcomes, results and number of treatments recommended may vary based on individual patient needs, medical history, and circumstances. Cutis Cosmetic & Laser Centre cannot guarantee exact or permanent results or cures.