Sun-safe laser treatments for summer.

Sun-safe laser treatments in Hamilton Ontario.

Year-round sun-safe laser treatments in Dundas and Hamilton, Ontario.

When the sun comes out, so do our spots! While we love the benefits of vitamin D, the sun can also cause significant damage to our skin, changing its appearance; brown spots, broken capillaries, rough skin texture, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. The good news is there are really effective steps you can take to prevent and repair these aging changes. Yes, even in the middle of summer. At Cutis Cosmetic and Laser Centre, we have a wide range of sun-safe laser treatments that deliver exceptional results for your skin safely, and with minimal to no downtime.

SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion™

We love this microdermabrasion treatment for regular monthly maintenance. SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion™ treatments resurface the skin using microdermabrasion technology while simultaneously infusing a concentrated serum deeply into the skin. We customize the treatment with a serum designed to inhibit the formation of pigmentation, which to fades existing brown spots and maintains an even and luminous skin tone. One treatment will yield a dewy and refreshed glow.


This specialized technology is ideal for maintaining the results of a more in-depth laser treatment series–especially throughout the summer months. The NanoLaserPeel uses laser energy to gently disperse the upper layers of the epidermis, activating the skin’s messenger proteins which initiate the skin’s natural renewal process. After a quick, 20 minute treatment, the skin appears more even-toned and refreshed.

Clear + Brilliant®

Also known as the ‘baby Fraxel’, Clear + Brilliant is fractional laser technology that is safe for most skin types. This non-invasive treatment is ideal for those who are noticing the first signs of aging, or who wish to improve the overall tone and texture of their skin with minimal downtime. By breaking up the laser beam into several microscopic projections and reducing the depth of treatment, patients can enjoy the skin renewing benefits of fractional laser technology without the associated risks and recovery time. Even with one treatment your skin will look brighter and refreshed.

Keep on glowing.

It’s common for patients to avoid laser treatments in the summer months for fear of the photosensitizing side effects. Thanks to the state-of-the-art lasers and highly trained technicians with Dermatologist supervision, there is no need to hide away from getting ANY laser treatments done during the summer, including the Fraxel and Halo Hybrid Fractional lasers. We coach you on how to protect and care for your skin properly to ensure the best results.

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DISCLAIMER: Individual outcomes, results and number of treatments recommended may vary based on individual patient needs, medical history, and circumstances. Cutis Cosmetic & Laser Centre cannot guarantee exact or permanent results or cures.