ThermiVa: Non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation.


A new and powerful way to restore feminine wellness.

A large number of women have experienced changes to the tightness and tone of their vaginal wall, often as a result of giving birth, or aging changes associated with menopause. Some of the concerns that arise as a result include vaginal dryness, loss of sexual sensation, tissue laxity and incontinence. Until quite recently, the main options for women in Dundas, Hamilton, Ancaster, Waterdown, Brantford and Burlington to address these issues were Kegel exercises and/or surgery, both of which yield inconsistent and varying success rates. Fortunately, a breakthrough in non-invasive radiofrequency skin tightening technology has changed the landscape of feminine wellness for the better.

Introducing ThermiVa™

From the makers of ThermiRF®, there is now a solution to rebuild atrophied tissues of the vaginal wall, and tighten and firm the external tissues of the vulva.

ThermiVa employs a treatment wand that delivers radiofrequency energy safely to the soft tissues of the vaginal wall in order to rebuild its thickness and reduce the incidence of incontinence. The heat energy from the treatment activates collagen remodelling and synthesis for improved texture and tightness. Patients can realize improvements within one to two treatments with no discomfort or downtime. A series of three treatments spaced one month apart is recommended for optimal results.

With celebrity endorsements (think the Kardashians), and the beauty media singing its praises, it’s clear that ThermiVa is shedding some light on this once hush-hush subject to improve women’s health–and that’s definitely something we can get behind.

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