What sets an effective laser hair removal treatment apart.

laser hair removal, lightsheer duet

There are a myriad of options for laser hair removal available to you—and just as many stories about unsafe and ineffective treatments. If you’re new to laser hair removal, or simply wishing to improve the results of a poorly executed treatment, this article is for you.

Why choose Cutis High Speed Laser Hair Removal?

The hallmarks of an effective laser hair removal treatment reside in the quality of the device that is being used and the skill of the laser technician who is administering the treatment.

First-class devices for first-class results.

We put considerable effort into researching the devices we use. The technology we invest in must be safe and its efficacy scientifically proven. The LightSheer™ DUET that we use for Cutis High Speed Laser Hair Removal perfectly meets these standards: this laser provides fast and nearly painless treatments due to its unique ChillTip™ technology and vacuum-paired hand piece. Safe for most skin types and free of the painful snapping sensation associated with other laser devices, the LightSheer™ DUET is an appealing solution to manage unwanted hair.

Whose hands are you in?

At Cutis Cosmetic and Laser Centre, our laser technicians are consistently nominated and voted as the preeminent providers of laser hair removal in the communities of Dundas, Hamilton, Burlington, Ancaster, Flamborough, Brantford and Waterdown. Their exceptional work is the result of their caring demeanours and a dedication to continued education: they have received extensive training to become certified laser technicians and have completed ongoing education to further sharpen their skills and expertise.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

When treatments are administered by certified laser technicians using proven and trusted technology, the results of laser hair removal are permanent. It is important to note that a very small percentage of the population does not respond to treatment; white, grey, blond and red hairs are not treatable, and hormonal changes due to pregnancy, menopause or thyroid conditions can stimulate hair growth. A thorough consultation with a Cutis Laser Technician will ascertain your candidacy for treatment.

To learn more about the benefits of Cutis High Speed Laser Hair Removal, we welcome you to book a professional consultation. Contact us to arrange your appointment today.

DISCLAIMER: Individual outcomes, results and number of treatments recommended may vary based on individual patient needs, medical history, and circumstances. Cutis Cosmetic & Laser Centre cannot guarantee exact or permanent results or cures.