Lashes are prized for adding dimension and beauty to our eyes and face. However, not every natural eyelash is created equal and the market for eyelash enhancements and extensions grows everyday.

Visible Effects

When lashes are sparse or short, our eyes appear smaller and the signs of aging are more noticeable. Eye lashes also protect our eyes from foreign debris, meaning hypotrichosis (inadequate lashes) can leave our eyes vulnerable to environmental irritation. Long, healthy lashes are as helpful as they are attractive.

Underlying Causes

The thickness and length of our lashes is determined by heredity but these qualities of our natural lashes can be improved. Inadequate care from harsh cosmetics and poor makeup removal habits can lead to thinning lashes. The aging process also plays a part as hair follicles die and eye lashes thin. In the case of sudden lash loss, it is advisable to consult a medical professional as there are drug interactions and diseases which can cause eye lash loss.


The good news for anyone seeking improvement to the length, volume and colour of their natural lashes: A prescription product has broken previous limitations of internal and external factors - Latisse®. When applied to the upper lash line as instructed by a Cutis professional, daily use of Latisse® results in longer, thicker and darker lashes within 16 weeks. Call Cutis for a professional Latisse® consultation today!

Surgical Solutions

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