Skin Texture

Smooth skin means luminous, vibrant skin. Perfect skin texture may be natural for a rare few, but maintenance is a reality for most.


Visible Effects

Skin texture can be described as patchy, rough, flaky and bumpy, especially in the case of photodamaged skin or oily t-zones. Uneven skin texture causes the skin to look dull and may be accompanied by enlarged pores.

Underlying Causes

Areas of the face where oil production is moderate to heavy can be prone to comedones (blackheads or whiteheads) which result from a build-up of dead skin cells and excess oil congesting skin follicles. The result is bumpy and irregular skin texture. Sun exposure can also affect skin texture when solar elastosis (raised yellowish bumps) arises. Overall photoaged skin can also have a papery or leathery quality.


Cutis is pleased to offer advanced solutions to improve skin texture. As a centre for advanced skincare, aesthetic dermatology and facial plastic surgery, Cutis can achieve moderate to advanced skin exfoliation for renewed and refreshed skin texture. A professional consultation with our specialized skin care practitioners will determine a treatment plan based on your skin condition, objectives and lifestyle. A blend of techniques may be recommended for optimal outcomes. These may include professional skincare, chemical peels, fractional laser resurfacing with the Halo™ Pro Hybrid Fractional Laser, Fraxel® re:pair or Fraxel® re:store DUAL, and the latest addition - Helium Plasma Resurfacing or what we like to call Cutis' Ultimate Resurfacing Experience (CURE). Cutis invites you to schedule a complimentary professional consultation or treatment to address skin texture. Learn how to reveal your best skin! Contact us today.

DISCLAIMER: Individual outcomes, results and number of treatments recommended may vary based on individual patient needs, medical history, and circumstances. Cutis Cosmetic & Laser Centre cannot guarantee exact or permanent results or cures.